Treasures... Story of a Traveler Created by TheCore, LLC!

TheCore (Creator of Treasures) is a leading interactive agency offering a comprehensive range of services to the Business Market.

With long experience in the media and mobile application field, TheCore started an impressive mobile work through different app for various clients.

Along with that, TheCore started its own line up of mobile application starting with Treasures App and lot more to come for iPhone, iPad, and Android market, so stay tuned and always check back on us.

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The Story that inspired TheCore to Create TREASURES! And Start with a Trip to the Land of Pharaohs!

In the beginning there was the sun, and the sun grazed upon the land, and chose it from among the others, and the land grew and became an empire, destined to be the cradle of civilization, and known as the mother of the world…

The land of legend and mystery! The story to tell! A world to live, gift of the Nile, guardian of the past, capturing the hearts of people all over the world.

Get inspired to create your own story, where it all begins… EGYPT… TREASURES!!.

Watch this video, and go get Treasures Egypt, we welcome you to the land of pharaohs, in the land where it all begins, start the journey with us... ~TheCore Team.