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Pharaohs of Egypt: special section dedicated for all pharaohs sorted by dynasties. Quality detailed information that can get you back to that age of Nobels Pharaohs, not just that, but its detailed to the level to even help you if you are an Egyptologist.

Modern and Old Cities: treasures takes you in a visit through the modern side of egypt, as well as the old side of egypt. From Alexandria, to old and modern Cairo, to Luxor and Aswan.

Coptic and Islamic: treasures takes you to a side of egypt you always wanted to discover, the diversity of Egyptian monuments is a trade mark that not known to everyone, from historical churches to great mosques.

Monuments of Egypt: complete guide to help you locate every single monument in egypt. This guide is unique, its like you read a book "monuments of the land of pharaohs".


Featured Articles - Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Shared...

Its not easy being up to date, looking for news about your favorite topics or area of research. Instead of spending time to browse across the web for one or two articles here or there, we collect the most viewed articles for you in one place, one tab, a single click away from you to read.

With treasures app featured and most viewed articles section you can find all about the following in just one place collected for your luxury:

New Tombs and Temples Discoveries
Kings and Queens researches
Temples researches
King Tuts Family Secrets
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Pyramids at Giza Secrets
Mummies Discoveries

Cleopatra Ascension to Throne
Kingdom and Pharaohs
Book of Dead!
Egyptian Museum
Valley of Kings Tour
Old Cairo Story and Details
Tutankamun Research


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We value our contents, as you see, our app have the most accurate and yet, the most biggest collection of treasures informations including: featured, top news, top viewed, most visited articles, country monuments and most visited places and spots, all these are the biggest collection in the web, and by default across all informational and travel applications in the iTunes app store.

We also value our users, and we know that our users greatly appreciate our application contents and they will like the Treasures app, and our Treasures data, so after long thought we decided to give our valuable users the capability to share our valuable Treasures content via email, so we can all share the amazing knowledge.

You will really like this feature, this feature will give you the ability to share the Treasures content in a very stylish way - check it out and you will see yourself.


Gallery - Check, View, Zoom, Slideshow, Mail, Save, and Share on Facebook and Twitter

In treasures gallery, you can view all photos - which by the way you feel like your visiting the location - its not just a photo - and make a slideshow to view and check all the photos. Not just that, if you like it so much, you will also be able to save any photo to you device and make a wallpaper out of it.

You will also be able to share it or mail it to any one so you can enjoy it with your friends. You can simply enjoy the largest high definition gallery any ways you want.

You can't find such real, taken by professionals collection of photos anywhere else. Treasures collection covers all around egypt treasures that will make you feel like you visited egypt like never before (even if you were a native Egyptian!).


Maps - Find your way around Egypt most known cities, temples, tombs, monuments and famous locations...

A great utility on our app is the map... its one way to find your way around every location you want to visit in egypt, it will locate you and you can see whats near by and how to go visit it, and the you can also read all about it and see pictures from that location so you can decide if would like to visit it or not. Even if you are not visiting, you can walk around like were actually visiting and find where things are and what to see in all cities just by moving around, zooming, and touching.

Special thing about egypt is that it has a magnificent collection of places all around in all cities... As you will see in the Map, there is at least two or three things that you must see in every single city, and in some cities, there are a LOT of places that you can't even cover in a single visit. Check out Cairo, or Luxor and you will see what i mean!

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One of the most cool and unique features in Treasures app is the Write Your Name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs characters.

See your name in a beautiful papyrus that you share in facebook and twitter, or you can save it to your device or email it to a friend... I don’t think you can find such a cool feature in any other application.

And Cafes

Treasures is not only an informational app... Treasures is a guide to egypt. In Treasures we recommend most luxurious places to stay in, to dine at, to go visit, and more...

Our listing of Hotels, Restaurants, and Outlets are picked with care to provide you with the best places you can choose from when you decide to visit. Enjoy you stay in Egypt.